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backdoors to enable spying on any users, the U.S. bullyism under a security pretext harms its credibility. In dealing with its business rivals, a

s the world's largest econom

y, the United

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States' pursuit of its America First policy backed by politicized accusations has definitely constituted a disruption to global free trade and economy. European countrie

s are thriving, said
s like Germany

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, Italy and the

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standards for sec

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urity, which are certainly not like the American one which led to the loose licensing of Boeing 737 Max. In response to the U.S. pressure, man

.In addition, the wh


y have made this clear and are expected not to exclude any bidder from their 5G projects for pre


judice, smear, or groundless doubts. For example, carriers supported by Huawei are rolling out


their 5G services in Britain and Switzerland. For them, choosing Huawei is but a market-oriented

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decision based partly on lower costs and a reliable longtime partnership. It is a

fact worth mentioning that Huawei has been in cooperation with most of the major mobile operators across Europe. The European attitude towards Huawei also represents a widening gap between the two sides of the Atlantic, with an openness to safeguarding multilateralism and cooperation. This stands in stark contrast to the U.S. unilateralism and protectionism, and promises brighter economic prospects with new business models and other innovative ideas generated by the quicker and advanced 5G network. Spain is not the first in Europe to use Huawei technology, and is surely not the last one.Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the organizers of the first-ever Digital China Summit on Sunday, wh

"ite pape is available for the ridiculously low, one-time cost of r said That's right, I'm practically giving it away!??


ich is being held in the southeastern city of Fuzhou. The event is part of the country's wider efforts to advance digital technological innovation. In his letter, President Xi called for new driving forces through informatization, to

China is

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promote new development and make new achi

evements in China. The summit will stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all sectors of society to build a digital Chin

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a, as well as make informatization bring m

ore benefits to society and the people, Xi said. The three-day summit has attracted about 800 officials, representatives of industrial

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organizations as well as experts. Particip

ants shared their expectations for the meeting as well as the potential of China's IT sector. Sun Pishu, chairman of the Chinese multin

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ational IT company, Inspur, said the event reached a new level of digital technolo

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gy advancements as it closely linked various ideas regarding the c

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ountry's strength in cyberspace and digital construction to daily

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lives. Innovation in IT fulfills our ever-growing need for the ba

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sic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. It

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also streamlines government functions and administrative processe

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s. And for enterprises, integration between traditional sectors an

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d the Internet will lead to the modernization of the industry, Sun

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explained. Many at the summit believe there's a huge weight of e

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xpectation on China's IT s

ector to be a strong economic dr

iver. Mu Rongjun, co-founder of Meituan-Dianping, said as an IT company they feel the heavy social and moral responsibility to combine economic and societal benefits. We see efforts to further integrate the digital economy with the real economy. The summit also looks at China's blueprint to develop its cyberspace and achieve breakthroughs in core information techno

in the areas


logies. The paper was released earlier this week at a national conference on cyber

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security and informatization. Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba, is one of many who believes that

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large enterprises should shoulder greater responsibilities. He pointed out that the number of bi

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g companies that have core information technologies is still limited. Big companies should compe

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te for technology innovation in the future not just market share or investment amount. Ma also s

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aid China needs a law on the digital economy to guide the development of Internet companies. Gu

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o Wei, chairman of Digital China Group also said the development of a certain industry lies in t


he number of technologies held in our own hands. We should not rely on external te

chnology sourcing, collabora

tions are still an opt

ion, he said, For example, to master data mining is essent

ial for us when it com

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es to e-governance. Its a matter of national security. As a truly international event, Digital China Summit also serves as a platform for people to exchange views and experiences, by showcasing the best e-governance practices and cutting-edge products and services from all around the world. Nyakan June, an international consultant from Kenya, told CGTN that African countries are at a point where they are look

of railway

ing to strengthen public gov

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llaborate to bring in technologies and business efficiencies in Africa, she said. Topics related to e-governance, digital economy, smart

cities, the Digital Maritime

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scussions can promote more cooperation opportunities for a host of businesses and institutes both at home and abroad.The skynet system sup

ported by dynamic facial rec

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t Chinese public security and protection, Workers Daily reported on March 23. With the system, public security organs can find clues on

positions of criminal suspe

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al features, regardless of angles and lighting, at an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent. It can also scan faces and compare them with its data


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base of criminal suspects at large at a speed of 3 billion times a second, indicating that all Chinese people can be com

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pared in the system within only one second.The system is proof of outstanding performance in technology based assistance

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in cracking down various cases, such as drug trafficking, theft, robbery and abduction. In the past two years, more tha

hnologies for


n 2,000 criminals at large were caught by public security organs with the aid of t

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he system.In June 2017, a 6-year-old girl was reported missing in northwest Chinas Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Only a photo of the girl taken several years ago could be provided to the local police.The police officers still found the girl quickly thanks to the system, which e

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stablished information related to the girl based on her facial features and locked in on her trace via a surveillance camera in a market.In the future, the system will be further improved through optimization algorithm to better help public security organs to enhance th

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eir case handling efficiency.A team led by University of Washington researchers reported on Thursday in the journal Science a new way to encode information using magnets that are just a few layers of atoms in thickness. The findings may revolutionize cloud computing te

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chnologies and consumer electronics by enabling data storage at a greater density and improved energy efficiency. The researchers used stacks of ultra-thin materials to exert unprecedented control over the flow of electrons based on the direction of their spins. The el

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ectron "spins" are analogous to tiny, subatomic magnets. The materials that they used include sheets of chromium triiodide (CrI3), a material described in 2017 as the first ever 2-D magnetic insulator. Four sheets have created the thinnest system which can block elect

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rons based on their spins while exerting more than 10 times stronger control than other methods. "Our work reveals the possibility to push information storage based on magnetic technologies to the atomically thin limit," said the paper's co-lead author Song Tiancheng,

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a doctoral student in physics at University of Washington (UW). The researchers sandwiched two layers of CrI3 between conducting sheets of graphene. They showed that, depending on how the spins are aligned between each of the CrI3 sheets, the electrons can either flow

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unimpeded between the two graphene sheets or were largely blocked from flowing. These two different configurations could act as the bits, namely the zeroes and ones of binary code in everyday computing, according to researchers. "The functional units of this type of m

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emory are magnetic tunnel junctions, or MTJ, which are magnetic 'gates' that can suppress or let through electrical current depending on how the spins align in the junction," said the paper's co-lead author Cai Xinghan, a UW postdoctoral researcher in physics. In two l

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ayers of CrI3, the spins between each layer are either aligned in the same direction or opposite directions, leading to two different rates that the electrons can flow through the magnetic gate. But with three and four layers, there are more combinations for spins betw

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een each layer, leading to multiple, distinct rates at which the electrons can flow through the magnetic material from one graphene sheet to the other. "Instead of your computer having just two choices to store a piece of data in, it can have a choice A, B, C, even D and beyond,"

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  • orld, said the white paper.MADRID,
  • June 16 -- Supported by the H
  • uawei technology, Vodafone Espana
  • commercialized the first
  • 5G mobile servi
  • ces in Spain on Saturday
  • . The ultra-fast and
  • low-latency 5G network is the infrastructure t
  • hat can make a huge difference. About ha
  • lf of the population in 15 major Spanish citie

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said the paper's co-author Bevin Huang, a UW doctoral student in physics. "So not only would storage devices using CrI3 junctions be more efficient, but they would intrinsically store more data." "Although our current device requires modest magnetic fields and is only functional a


t low temperature, infeasible for use in c

urrent technologies, the device concept and operational principle are novel and groundbreaking," said Xu Xiaodong, the paper's corre

  • s including Madrid, Barcelona,
  • Valencia and Seville are initiall
  • y involved, which makes the countr
  • y among the first that rolled


sponding author, a UW professor of physics

and of materials science and engineering. "We hope that with developed electrical control of magnetism and some ingenuity, these t

  • ervices in Europe. Vodafone E
  • spana's embracing of the Huawei 5G
  • technology means not only communi
  • cation 10 times faster in Spai


unnel junctions can operate with reduced o

r even without the need for a magnetic field at high temperature, which could be a game changer for new memory technology."BEIJING,

  • lso a step closer to a future
  • brimming with excitements like aut
  • onomous driving, telemedicine and
  • virtual reality in everyday li


March 28 (Xinhua)-- The Natural Science Foun

dation of China (NSFC) financed 41,184 programs in 2016, allocating 22.71 billion yuan (about 3.3 billion U.S. dollars). Funded pro

  • ther thing that is certain is
  • that the United States' pressuring
  • of its European allies to join it
  • self to block the global 5G te


grams included research on gravitational waves, said Yang Wei, head of the NSFC, who added that the foundation had also launched research projects into areas including coexisting-cooperative-cognitive robotics, and piloted basic science programs on craton damage and the evolution o


f land. The NSFC will focus on areas such as brain science, new materials, advanced manufacturing, quantum communication, robots, and information security, said the NSFC. The foundation also said it would encourage scientists to continue to push boundaries in research and develop

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ment. According to Yang, the NSFC punished 91 people for misconduct and revoked 33 programs in 2016. The fund will help to improve


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the research integrity system, ensure fairness and promote innovation, he added. China's first national laboratory for brain-like


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artificial intelligence (AI) technology was inaugurated Saturday in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province, to pool the count


ry's top research talent and boost the technology. China's first national labor

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atory for brain-like artificial intelligence (AI) technology was inaugurated Saturday in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province, to pool the country's top research talent and boost the technology.[Photo: gkzhan.com] Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in January,

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the lab, based in China University of Scien

ce and Technology (USTC), aims to deve

lop a brain-like computi

ng paradigm an

d applications

. The universit

y, known for


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its leading role in developing quantum communication te

chnology, hosts the national lab in collaboration with a number of the country's

top research bodies such as Fudan University, Shenyang

Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as Baidu, ope

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